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  Tihama Advertising Company

Tihama is considered one of the leading companies in the field of advertising in the Middle East. The company’s advertising activity is currently based on road advertisement which represents the backbone of its activity. Tihama has distinct locations in kingdom’s cities such as Riyadh; the capital, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Dammam, Khubar, Dhahran, and other cities.

   Tihama Book Store

Tihama – Your First Bookstore

Tihama is changing
We are the first bookstores chain in the Kingdom, started around 40 years ago and expanded with more than 50 branches all over KSA to serve a growing need from students and families; providing them with all their needs, from early learning and schoolbooks, to their first video tapes, the best quality stationary items, and the most appealing toys.

Tihama is part of the past of many of the Saudis today especially young parents in their 30s and above, and Tihama means a lot to them as much as they mean a lot to the company

Tihama’s new era is starting; both offline and online, with new stores in local neighborhoods and the launch of a new online website.

Our New Stores.

The new concept stores provide families and small business with a convenient location to purchase Books, Stationary and Print & Copy services.  Our stores are located close to schools, hospitals and residential areas.

Our range includes stationary from our partnership with one of the world’s leading brands – WH Smith of London.  Their experience of stationary and books comes from over 200 years of trading in the UK and across the world.  Tihama is their chosen partner in the Kingdom.

Our selection of books will help children take their first steps in learning and then provide them with interesting books to read, as they grow older.  Our range includes both international and Arabic language titles that we have selected from publishers around the world.

The copy and print services we offer use equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, Samsung and Cannon.  We provide everything from simple copying through to printing and binding.  Our trained staff use professionally maintained machines to ensure customers receive the best quality products.

We welcome you at our new concept stores to browse through our new product range and experience our outstanding services and an unrivalled array of bookshop events.

Please visit our new online store link to (

To help customers from across the Kingdom enjoy the great products provided by Tihama we have launched our new website.  Delivery is made in partnership with Aramex one of the world’s leading logistics companies and the premier operator in the Kingdom.

As well as the products that are available in-store we also offer an extended range of book titles and other products.  The online store is easy to use with great availability, easy payment options and speedy delivery.


“The Bookstore that I have never seen any similar bookstore like (Tihama). The place is quiet smooth, the books do not accumulate on the plentiful, but the interviewer each book clad, address and charted, and piled the books on the shelves, I’ve never experienced anything like it before, you feel the moment you enter it you are in the campus of literary and culture and knowledge. I still remember the shelves, and imagine the place of books and the silence of the seller. I still remember that young man who this bookstore shocked and confused him with colors of knowledge, and was flying with joy while passing by the subjects of the books contemplating that Blue Space heavenly which was his favorite color of the books published by Tihama and enjoys every cover of a book that is painted on it and the names of the authors. Do not ask me about the joy of the young man as he read the names of writers, scholars, historians, writers, and he dreamed of becoming an author someday.

Today while I remember my life growing up, I know how much Tihama bookstores have given me. I discovered today, when I looked at my library at home that a great part of the books, which my library consisted of goes back to the beloved bookstore. And I wouldn’t have known the literature of the Kingdom and the literature of the Arab countries if it wasn’t for Tihama bookstores. Tihama has shortened the effort and time, it was the essence of Saudi Arabia’s library. If you ask me today about my knowledge of Saudis scholars and authors, I’ll give all the credit to Tihama bookstores. “I swear, if it was not for Tihama I feel I’d need tens of years to get to know the Kingdom’s literature and culture.” Were if it was not for Tihama Bookstores I wouldn’t have known the generation of pioneers. It took me to their world!” 

Hassan Bafageeh

 Our Locations

  Tihama Education

Tihama has an exclusive right to distribute HMH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) educational books and products since 2006 and our exclusivity has been extended to 2021. HMH is an American global leader in Pre K-12 educational content and services, combining digital innovation and research to make learning more engaging and effective.  Currently, Tihama is serving a strong cliental base of local international and private schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.