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   Ad Art Median

Tihama owns a share of the paid-up capital and shared this company since 1987. The company works in the field of road advertisements and the related manufacturing works whether in or out of the buildings. It executed several projects with public agencies such as contracts of naming streets in many of the kingdom’s municipalities. In addition, the company entered contracts with banks and big companies such as Al-Rajhi Bank, Bank of Riyadh, and Saudi British Bank through manufacturing signs bearing their names, cabins of ATMs. The headquarters of the company is located in Riyadh Industrial Zone and it gains profitable investments.

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  International Company for Advertising Services (INTER-MARKETS)

The company was founded in 1981 with one of the specialized international companies.
Inter-Markets cooperates with the company offices in all Arab countries to provide international and local customers with integrated services. The company executed advertising campaigns for public companies and establishments. The company’s most important customers are Petro-Rabigh, KIA Motors, Al-Jazeera Bank, Alessa Motors.

For more information go to Inter-Markets website

  United Advertising Company

This company was founded in 1976.
The company has its local and international customers as it cooperates with MIMAC Barhain agency in order to provide highly professional services to international customers. Some of Its major clients include Indomi, Middle East Insurance BOBA, Almaraei co., Samsung, Arab Company for Food Supply.

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This company represents one of the good profit sources for Tihama due to its distinguished activity all over the world. International Tihama Almona has offices in many countries in order to provide the international customers with advertising services through its offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and gulf area (Bahrain, Qatar, Oman), Casablanca (for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya), Yemen, Beirut, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

For more information go to International Tihama Almona website

 Unified National Distribution Company

Unified National Distribution Company is a limited liability company registered in Saudi Arabia. Tihama Distribution Company transferred the franchise of publications distribution to the National Company.