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When was Tihama founded?

Tihama was established in 1974 as a limited company and soon became a joint stock company in 1983. It specializes in commercial advertising, public relations, marketing, publishing and distribution with a capital of SR 75 million.

What does Tihama represent?

Tihama is the true meaning of a Saudi Company, it represents the heart and mind. As it is a Saudi company par excellence founded by the elite of the makers of the Saudi thought openwork cultural society golden who sought when established to make it a platform unique content publishing and media industry and the culture of civilization and print books, newspapers, magazines, and distribution of visual production and advertising to new stages and reflected the civilized progress of the Kingdom through them.

In addition to being the first Saudi company specialized in the media and advertising field, which was submitted for subscription and subscription in 1983.

The name of Tihama originates from the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically its western plain, which extends from its south to its north and embraces a group of scattered mountains that have formed over millions of years and become an integral part of its land and its ancient geographical composition.

As well as Tihama, whose name derives from this holy plain, which contained Mecca and its mountains, and was called a prophet. The nation has the best prayer and completed the delivery in its name.

Since its inception and expanded in various areas, including the establishment of libraries and stationery and distribution of visual and readable content and then developed to enter the field of publishing and distribution and dissemination of culture and knowledge and lectures and tutorials for the expansion of the distance to enter the field of education and teaching aids and textbooks and curricula and distribution to different stages of study and then to be unique and offer to the publishing houses and the press The mechanism of publishing and dealing with commercial advertising has contributed to the promotion of the media industry in Saudi Arabia and the region, and the development of this industry is also involved in the field of advertising on the roads as well as organizing the work. eBay and distribution of satellite channels as a group of MBC and other companies.

All this was done through the dissemination of content and increased experience by means of available means.

As well as its role in attracting international companies and establishing them through strong partnerships that were behind them to immunize the local market with international expertise.